Victoria above
3,640 Square Feet

Victoria 3 Below
2,440 Square Feet  
No Garage area, does not have the Mod to the right.
Has 2 story section and 1 Mod next to 2 story section.
" Are you living in the Past, or the Future? "
Earth Sheltered Homes,Underground Homes,Financing,Sales,
Our Structures can save up to 90% on Your Energy Cost.

Welcome to  Earthlog ® Equity Group, Inc.
Our Earth Sheltered Homes, Berm Homes & Underground Homes and
Commercial Structures can save you up to 90% on Your Energy cost.

With the Client acting as or Hiring a General Contractor We Offer :

* Custom Design Services & Blue Prints
* Consulting
* Sales of Earth Sheltered Shells
* Construction of Earth Sheltered Shells
* Dealerships
* Bullet Proof Windows & Glass as an Option
* Can be EMP Protected as an Option
* Proprietary ingredient blended with Concrete,
Makes Concrete Stronger than Concrete normally is available in all Our Homes.

Available Nationwide here in the US, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Canada & Australia.
WEDGEWOOD PLANS - 2,075   Square Feet - shown below
Modified  WEDGEWOOD 2,075 PDF PLAN
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Larger WEDGEWOOD PLAN - 2,770 sq ft using 3 - 30 ft
Modules instead.

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