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*** New Construction near Boone North Carolina -
Modified Cedar Haven 3,290 sq ft
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The Following List is the tentative Dates that I  will be present at the
Home site.   Hours are from 1:30 PM to
3:00 PM.

July 8 th -

The Location of the Home Site is @ 537 Rawhide Road Millers Creek,
NC 28651
I suggest you use MapQuest Printed off to plan your route to the
Home site or GPS uploaded before you get there because reception is
Poor after Boone.
Stacks of Insulation Boards to be used in the Water Proofing of the Structure.
They are placed on top and along the sides after Water proof material is applied,
to Help Protect the Water proofing material from rocks as the dirt is placed on and
over the Structure
Retaining Wall and the Paraquat from behind
Black buckets contains Water Proofing Material that will be Applied to the roof
and sides of the Earth Sheltered Shell ...