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*** New Construction near Boone North Carolina -
Modified Cedar Haven 3,290 sq ft
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Ist step in gettting the Home
site created into a Hillside is
Grading and excavating to
Create a Level Site ...

On Flat Land You would
Grade to make sure it was
Level to Create a Level Site ...
You would have to dig a Pond
or haul in dirt to cover the
home once completed ...
Along with Creating the Home Site the Creation of the Driveway is also Accomplished ...
After Creating the Driveway You have to put down a Good Gravel Base to Support Our 53 ft
Semi  bringing in Our Forms and Equipment ... It will have to be able to Support all the
Cement trucks too ... It takes 6 to 7 Cement Trucks to Pour each Module depending on the
size of the trucks that the Local Cement Company uses.

Great Place for a Home Site to be Placed

Above - 2 Modules Poured - 3 rd Module ,
the closest to the Left is Next - will Move
the Forms over to Pour that One ...

Below - Mr. Arms Earthlog's ®
Chairman/CEO Inspecting the Progress at
the Job site on 3/25/2017
Above - To the Right is the Third 28 ft
Module - Waiting for it's Form to be
moved to it - Then it will be Poured with
about 50 Yards of Concrete ...
Above open area between 2 Modules where
Hall and Doorway will connect the 2
Above -  Inside the 3rd 28 ft Module with Forms -
setting up for Concrete Pour ...
Below -  Raw Ceiling will have pits filled in
and seams grinded by Finishing Contractor
Above -  Explaining the Building Process
to a Prospective Client ...
Above -  1st Module with Forms - Bottom right in
Picture set up for Pouring retaining Wall ...
Above -  Forms will be Moved to Pour the 4th
Module - a 26 ft Garage -  Background Rocks
Above -  Set up for Pouring Retaining
Wall on this end of the Home ...
Above -  Top View of Home
Above -  Top View of Home with Vent
Pipes for exhaust on top
26 ft Garage will go to the Left of the
Module shown above ...
The Following List is the
tentative Dates that I   
will be present at the
Home site.
Hours are from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM.
- July
8 th -
The Location of the Home Site is @ 537
Rawhide Road Millers Creek, NC 28651
I suggest you use MapQuest printed off to
plan your route to the Home site or GPS
uploaded before you get there because
reception is Poor after Boone.