a subsidiary of Earthlog ® Equity Group, Inc.

Development of Eco-Communities utilizing Earth Sheltered
Homes that are environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient  
by Earthlog ® Hospitality Inns International.

Our Mission is to Develop & Finance into the Market Place our
Earth Sheltered Home & Suites utilizing Outright Sales , Long
Term Leases available with Nightly Rentals available as well.

Earthlog ® Hospitality Inns International Properties.

Designed with People with allergies in mind.
Green Homes for the Environment & the People of the World.

Resort Areas , Nightly Rental Communities & Corporate

Earthlog ® Hospitality Inns & Suites means greater comfort
and Safety for your family when on the Highway away from
home because they are Ready to stand up to the flying debris &
devastating effects of Tornado's / Hurricanes / Fires /
Earthquakes & man made disasters.

Built Eco-Friendly utilizing only Healthy & Safe finishing off

Many more people each year need a safe eco friendly place to
rest while on the highway because of allergy's or weak Immune

Plus the Superior Energy Efficiency, Safety, Comfort, Peace &

Own a Part of the Future. Management of your Portfolio is
available by Earthlog ®  Equity Group, Inc. (865) 407-9994

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Information -

Earthlog ® Hospitality Inns Smoky Mountains Tennessee, Inc.

Earthlog ® Hospitality Inns International, Inc.
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a subsidiary of Earthlog ® Equity Group, Inc.

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